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From today I will start to be a real one with NEWGROUNDS!!

Instagram is full of fucking bots and Twitter is literally trash, so this site is perfect for me

I just left Twitter because ,,fucking everyone started with the damn stupid joke of the clussy, adding ussy at the end of a word was funny at the beginning, but gosh now it just makes me angry just hearing that shit

"Uuh hhh bu t t hal ibb bb the 4th featured movie in the frontpage is t hat one speedoru animationn n"

SO????? Speedoru did a sick work with his last animation and I love it, it's been a while since I watched something so hilarious

The thing I complain about, it's about the bunch of braindead people on Twitter, repeating the same damn joke again and again and AGAIN I HATE IT, IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY IT'S FRUSTRATING

I'm so, so glad Speedoru did that animation, because thanks to him (and also because Twitter sucks in general, no matter what) I deleted something on my phone I never needed on my life.

Also one more thing, I said in Twitter "NSFW sucks." and that tweet catched lots of attention so let me be clear here

I don't hate NSFW, you can make that type of content, and that's great, we can keep being friends! :]

You're just someone who enjoy drawing characters doing the sex and I think that's pretty cool, you're cool so as many others here

The thing is.. NSFW is not for me, you guys are not gonna see me probably never doing that type of content

Which is sucks lol

Also nowadays I try to not consume NSFW so I deactivated the A rated content filter on my profile, that's a advantage in comparison with Twitter, because someone can perfectly, not be following NSFW accounts there, and is gonna be always some FUCKER OF YOUR MUTUALS, who's going to put anime boobs on your goddamn timeline while you're scrolling

ok so in short

Every other social: FUCKING GARBAGE

Newgrounds: Awesome :D!!!!

Alright that's all, take care you guys👍



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